Myths withstand time because they fulfil a necessary, cathartic function. Their heroes bear answers, enlightening a truth that was until then unknown. The myth is the last shield until we reach the end of our quest – as long as the myth exists, so does man.

Affiche Icare

We are prisoners of the future and of our dreams
by dint of waiting for brighter days to come, we lose the only real life,
which is today’s. Thus we never live, we hope to live…
Still, it is necessary to live and struggle
To mount “an assault of the sky”, even if this sky does not exist.
Such is today’s challenge.
It is the wisdom of despair.
Here, now the wisdom for our time.

André Comte-Sponville

Icarus is an artwork in progress.
At the crossroads of drama, music and architecture, it hopes to illuminate the development process of whoever tries to go beyond his man’s fate. Is this not, fundamentally, the role of the artist?

Elsa Mingot