La Conf’

LA CONFLAGRATION – Company / Project management

“Bringing to Explode”. La Conflagration is a company born in Marseille in 2010. Activist and rebellious, the ” Conf ” tackles social issues, on political and ethical topics. Its beginnings were marked by a triptych about what Camus considered ” the only truly serious philosophical subject : suicide ”

2010> To commit suicide in public space (Performance)

2010> Why I did not commit suicide? (Theatre)

2011> The Agency Of Suicides (Street Arts)

In 2013 , La Conf’ created the IPI – International Psychopompe – funébrisme Institut, co-produced by PAPERIE – National Street Arts Center of  Angers (CNAR)- and Boisnot’ Factory – National Street Arts Center of Niort (CNAR).

In 2014, La Conf’ develops 3 other projects:

Bent or the Pink Triangle in the Death Camps – Tragedy about homophobia

# Stereotypes # – Artistic device about stereotypes

Icarus – labyrinthine work between